PCAGZ Ep 80 Off Topic #4

For the 80th episode of Podcast at Ground Zero the umm “topic” will be again Off Topic. Join us for the fourth installment of Off Topic were we will continue to rant and rave endlessly about whatever floats our post-apocalyptic boat. The Off Topic episode is essentially all the stuff that we usually talk about at the start of a regular episode but not related to the topic of that episode.

So join Scott and I on our trek thru the Cursed Earth we think you’ll enjoy the company

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6 Responses to PCAGZ Ep 80 Off Topic #4

  1. John W. Stewart says:

    Great show and this was the quickest , easiest I ever gotten to listen. I would like to suggest Bobby Adair “Dusty’s diary” , great fun easy quick read and looks like their free for now Kindle.
    Keep up the fun and see you in the wasteland.

  2. Scott Jones says:

    Looking forward to watching it when you put it up on YouTube.

    • Apocalypse Nerd says:

      Going forward there isn’t going to be anything to watch. There will be the audio track which you have right here with just a static image. We are just recording audio for the shows which was our original intent when we started this. I’m going to do a Transmission from the bunker to explain the changes.

      • Mark Cole says:

        As long as Adam and you are transmitting this great apocalyptic content, audio is fine! Tnx, guys.

  3. megazone 23 says:

    Incoming transmission blinks on screen, swipes trash off communication console. The bunkers have not been overrun, They live!. Looking forward to the podcasts . Too add to the Ground zero reading list, a 4 issue mini series printed in 1990, from EPIC comics “The last American” and the short lived reincarnation of Jonah Hex called “Hex” by D.C. Oh, checked out that Rex Baron restaurant website the first thing I saw “gasmasks, fucking gasmasks.”

  4. Wes Blair says:

    Dig the new intro. Enjoyed the show as well. The off-topics are like Wasteland Potpourri!

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