PCAGZ Ep 73 Off Topic #1

For the 73rd episode of Podcast at Ground Zero the umm “topic” will be Off topic. I’ve previously mentioned that we will start doing a series of episodes called Off Topic. What I mean by Off Topic is all the stuff that we usually talk about at the start of an episode but not related to the topic of that episode. This way we can talk about and share with you all kinds of apocalyptic stuff without any worries of being off topic because that is the topic for these shows.

So join Scott and I on our trek thru the Cursed Earth we think you’ll enjoy the company.

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3 Responses to PCAGZ Ep 73 Off Topic #1

  1. Scott Alan Joseph says:

    Thank you so much for answering me! A few points: 1) I am always grateful; i.e., I am not a millenial gamer— I’m 56. 2) I am board certified in Psychiatry, and trained at UCLA San Fernando Valley in same. Med school, UTMB, license number in Alabama 16947. So, you can look me up to check. I practice in Texas, seeing badly regressed psychotic patients; I have worked additionally with the Maori in New Zealand and the Ojibwe in Northern Minnesota. I have worked in multiple sites in multiple states and two countries. I also worked last before this job with ICE seeing “undocumented aliens,” working with people who spoke about 30 different languages. Lots of PTSD.
    3) If you have psych questions about the apocalypse and treatment of PTSD, I can do literature searches. As someone with a bit of experience in this field, I can also tell you what might work.
    4) Thanks again for saying Hi! I do telepsychiatry now, and my work life is fairly flexible when home. 1/6 weeks I’m onsite and wear shoes…

  2. John Stewart says:

    Great show, even off topic discussion is fun.
    Only problem I have with the show is every time I
    Listen to you my list of books and movies gets
    longer and harder to find. There a book series you guys might “Dusty’s Diary” by Bobby Adair
    Great books, 3 so far, about a 50ish guy surviving in a back yard bunk with shroom zombies outside. Get them on Amazon Kindle and audio. Keep up the good work.

    • Apocalypse Nerd says:

      Yeah we do pull a lot of our stuff out of the Vault of Ages so of some of it can be hard to obtain. Dusty’s Dairy? Thanks for the heads up we’ll look into it. -JW

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