PCAGZ Ep 50 Supernatural Apocalypses

For the 50th episode of Podcast at Ground Zero the topic will be Supernatural Apocalypses.

In tonight’s episode we are going to talk about when supernatural forces bring on the end. We’ll talk about things from ghosts and vampires to the biblical endings. Tonight’s show will not be about the TV show Supernatural.

So join Scott and I on our trek thru the Cursed Earth we think you’ll enjoy the company.

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One Response to PCAGZ Ep 50 Supernatural Apocalypses

  1. Crazon says:

    Re-listening to this episode and I feel it should be mentioned that “Hellgate: London” (2007) fits the bill of a Supernatural Post-Apocalypse. Originally an MMO created by former members of the Diablo team and set in a near-future post apocalypse, years after gates to Hell open and Demons and Magic have brought ruination to the world. It focuses on London, where the portals initially open up and you play as demon-infused magic wielding Kabalists and high-tech armour clad Templars amidst the remnants of humanity. It was converted into a free-to-play single player experience in recent years and the spinoff novels reveal what went down in the years between the gates openning and the game starting.

    Also “End of the Line” (2007) is a Canadian horror film that leans into a biblical apocalypse. It centres around folks trapped on a subway when it all goes down.

    Also also, while not actually Supernatural Apocalypse, the Metro novels and even in the video games, there is some weird, seemingly supernatural anomalies down in the bowels of the Metro and strange Post-Nuclear Hauntings in certain areas.

    Hope this finds you guys well in the Wasteland, been a blast going back through the old episodes!

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