PCAGZ Ep 46 Twilight: 2000 Ask Frank Frey

PCAGZ Ep 46 Twilight: 2000 Ask Frank Frey Audio Version

For the 46th episode of Podcast at Ground Zero the topic will be driven by the questions you the viewers ask Frank Frey about Twilight: 2000. Frank Frey is a game designer that wrote or co-wrote several Twilight: 2000 modules and sourcebooks.

In tonight’s episode we are bringing back Frank Frey to talk some more Twilight: 2000 except this time the questions we ask are going to come from you the audience. I will be posting a comment and pinning to the top of the Facebook event page and that is where I will be asking you to post your questions to Frank. Please help us keep the questions organized and only post your comments there.

So join Scott, Frank and I on our trek thru the Cursed Earth we think you’ll enjoy the company.

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2 Responses to PCAGZ Ep 46 Twilight: 2000 Ask Frank Frey

  1. Mark says:

    The Eastern European setting of Twilight 2000 might be realistic even now, in light of current events there.
    Here’s an in depth article on the possibility of limited nuclear exchange between Russia and NATO.
    Twilight 2015…

  2. Glancy, an idea as to what to do with that blue print, frame it and have a plaque with the anecdote of the story beneath it. XD

    Could be a fun “mantel piece”.

    Just a suggestion.

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