PCAGZ Ep 45 Mad Max: Fury Road

If you haven’t seen the new Mad Max film yet do not watch!

For the 45th episode of Podcast at Ground Zero the topic will be Mad Max: Fury Road.

Join us for a SPOILER filled show as we talk all about the new Mad Max: Fury Road. We are running a contest this episode to have 3 of you the fans of the show on with us to talk about Mad Max. I already posted to the blog the rules for the contest so go to the blog pcagz.com to find out and good luck.

So join Scott and I plus our special fan guests on our trek thru the Cursed Earth we think you’ll enjoy the company.

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One Response to PCAGZ Ep 45 Mad Max: Fury Road

  1. Noah says:

    Great episode guys! Kinda wish I could have joined in. I will say that I agree with the reboot/standalone theory, especially because of the amount of nods to other Mad Max films that then negate the original trilogy. I’ll also say that I thought the Polecats were pretty neat, even if they were impractical, and also a wholly practical effect! One final note, with that much Mother’s Milk do you suppose Immortan Joe has large repository of cheese? Just a thought… a disturbing, disturbing thought.

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