Watch PCAGZ Ep. 39 James M. Ward Interview

Ok mutants here is the moment that you all have been waiting for. The James Ward interview episode has been uploaded and ready for your viewing pleasure. As you know we were not able to broadcast the event live so we had to record the show via alternative methods. Unfortunately there were some challenges with the video editing so it took longer than we had anticipated completing that process.

Again we wish to extend many thanks to Jim for being very patient with us while we got things back on track. And even bigger thanks to Jim for coming on our show and being an all-around awesome guy.

– Apocalypse Nerd

Here are links to websites Jim mentioned you can find some of the products he’s currently working on.

The Lost 77 Worlds…/mee…/78-fsc/83-writers-jw

Troll Lord Games

Eldritch Enterprises

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