Visions of the Apocalypse

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  1. John W. Stewart says:

    Hey Guys
    Big fan and can’t wait for the next podcast. I got some movies for you that are free on YouTube,
    Where Have All the People Gone 1974 with Peter Graves, Firebird 2015 A.D. 1981 with Darren McGavin & Doug McClure, and The Survivalist 1987 with Steve Railsback & Marjoe Gortner,
    not a good movie but got a lot right about survivalism of the time.
    The Comic run called Black Cross from Dark Horse it was only two issues but really good.
    Finally a podcast called Library at the End of the World by Jim Cobb, not as good or fun as
    GroundZero but he interviewed Sharon Ahern on Episode 1.
    Thanks for all the shows and I’ll keep listening

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