PCAGZ Ep 16 Religion in the Apocalypse Audio Version

Join us for the 16th episode of Podcast at Ground Zero in which we will be discussing Religion in the Apocalypse. On this show we will be covering one of the classic topics you are not supposed to talk about Religion. We are going to discuss religion in apocalyptic gaming and literature and possible what might happen in the real world.

Returning to join us for the conversion will be special co-hosts Michael O. Varhola and William T. Thrasher. Plus a possible mystery co-host.

So join Scott, Michael, William and I on our trek thru the Cursed Earth we think you’ll enjoy the company.

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  1. Scott Alan Joseph, MD says:

    Two things: Jared: google “on the 8th day.” The BBC documentary (shown, incidentally, in Britain right after Threads in 1984) will pop up.

    Adam: final book of “Canticle” is all about the nature of suffering from a Catholic theological perspective, and the wrongness of euthanasia. As the bombs start dropping for the second Global Atomic War, the Catholic Monks take infants off in a Starship to a sanctuary star because of their Faith.

    Miller was a Jewish convert to Catholicism. He was a bomber crewman in WW2. The nature of mass murder in war haunted him after WW2. He ended up committing suicide. The pain overcame his religious views.

    I’m a Psychiatrist, you see. This type of detail interests me.

    Great podcast, guys. I hope in a later one you explore The Long Tomorrow, and Judith Merrill’s book.

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